About James Houston

A New York-based Australian, James Houston is recognized as one of the world’s leading beauty, body and celebrity photographers. Over the last 10 years he has also branched out into commercial directing for clients such as Clinique and HUGO BOSS.

His award-winning aesthetic naturally lends itself to design and architecture; areas where his passion and creative sights our now set. Houston explains:

“When I think about ‘design’, I don’t think of one thing specifically. My varied background began with a passion for sculpture, was followed by a job as an Art Director in Advertising and then, twenty years ago, lead to photography and film. Over the years I have developed an eye for design that I use now in every creative endeavor. Whether I’m designing a house, a piece of furniture or commenting on a hairstyle I am about to shoot for L’Oreal Paris. Design is in everything I do and I love it. “

Four award-winning, international books have been published on his work. The last, titled MOVE (PowerHouse Books), benefited various HIV/AIDS charities and raised close to US$500,000. The book project titled MOVE FOR AIDS (www.moveforaids.com) was launched internationally in 2006 with the support of Elton John, Hugh Jackman and Baz Luhrmann. Houston was executive producer on the short documentary film ‘Making of MOVE’, released on MTV (Asia) and Foxtel (Australia).

During the MOVE FOR AIDS project Houston was shocked by the facts surrounding adolescent sexual health outcomes for U.S. teens. In 2007 he was inspired to raise over 1 million dollars to direct his first feature documentary LETS TALK ABOUT SEX. The goal of the film was to bring these shocking facts to life and help parents and the larger community realize the importance of honest communication and education around adolescent sexuality. The documentary aired nationally in the U.S. on the TLC network on April 9, 2011 and is now available for free on HULU.com.

Houston also works regularly with leading celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and Cate Blanchett, and clients including Loreal Paris, Donna Karan, Hugo Boss and GAP.

Check out Houston’s photography at www.houstonphoto.com

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