How often do you shed your skin and evolve?

Life is a fascinating journey. As we get older we learn from our experiences, our curiosity and the life lessons that get thrown our way.

I see life as a constant evolution of our being – a shedding of old skin, old beliefs and old bullshit. Like the butterfly that leaves the cocoon behind or the snake that sheds its skin. It’s all about renewal. Unfortunately, as we get older, our fears hold us back from evolving and learning as often as we did in our youth. Remember how quickly you adapted to your surroundings when you were an infant? Or how hungry you were for information and excited to learn something new? You asked a million questions and nothing was off limits to your curious mind.

What are you like now? Are you someone who looks at growth and change once a year when the New Year’s resolution list appears? Or are you someone who considers your own personal growth at the start of each week, or maybe even each morning when you wake up? Some people may look at their milestone birthdays as a time to reflect, and to consider what the next ten years will look like.

The more you can consider your own personal growth the more conscious you are of how you are doing and how you can move yourself forward. I know it sounds crazy but, honestly, if you are trying to have a breakthrough in your own personal growth you need to treat it like going to the gym or a job. It’s something that needs your commitment and attention. Life is moving way to fast to not consider doing some work on yourself.

Personally, I hold blocks in my stomach and I’m doing a lot of work right now to help confront and clear them. It’s been painful but I just stay focused on the end result and see the blocks clearing.

I love the image of the colored wings of a butterfly breaking free from the dry, plain cocoon. We are all incredible creatures and even though spiritual growth can be confronting, and sometimes painful, it’s worth the work.  Break through to a vibration that is closer to who we really are.

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