Commercial Photography Awards Cover

Commercial Photography | Awards | May/June, 1995

“The model was a friend of mine who had just returned from Greece where he’d fallen off a motor bike and scratched the left ...More →

Black and Blue | Australian Photography

Australian Photography | June, 1994

“Photography to me is not something to be grasped in a classroom, learning mathematical  equations,” he says. “It’s an artform. You learn as you’re actually doing ...More →


Vogue Australia | May 1994

“It comes as no surprise when you see his photographs to discover that twenty-eight-year-old James Houston used to be a model, and a student of life-drawing ...More →

Black, White and Blue

Elle | Insight | April, 1994

“Photographer James Houston is 28. He’s only been shooting for 18 months, but his varied past has fed his present.” Read article as PDF hereMore →

Raw Talent

| 1994

“A picture, as the saying goes, tells a thousand words – but sometimes it doesn’t tell half the story.” Read full article as PDF hereMore →

Body of work

| Portfolio | 1994

“Photographing nude models in foreign countries can land you in some sticky situations as James Houston relates to Lesley Conran.” Read full article as PDF hereMore →

Black and Blue | Black + White Magazine

Black + White Magazine | 1994

“Though Sydney born and bred, James Houston’s aesthetic sensibilities derive from Europe. So strong is Houston’s attachment to Europe he suspects he may have lived ...More →