MOVE | Madison Review

Madison | entertain | December, 2006

“Move for AIDS. Featuring fluidly evocative images of dancers from London, New York and Sydney, Move is the latest collection from the lens of Manhatten-based ...More →

A tangled web

Men’s Style | Proirity Male // Pulse | Summer 2006-07

“A book of photography takes on the big disease with a little name. After relentless campaigning for safe sex and Aids ...More →

Moving art for AIDS

Southern Courier | News | 28 November, 2006

Expat Australian Photographer James Houston has been capturing the grace and elegance of professional dancers for more than five years, and shows the ...More →

Snapper’s bold move

The Sunday Telegraph | Insider | 25 November, 2006

The legendary Elton John and Today’s latest recruit Sarah Murdoch will join photographer James Houston on Thursday for the Sydney launch of ...More →

Bodies in full flight

The Saturday Daily Telegraph | Weekend | 25-26 November, 2006

An Exhibiton benefits a good cause writes Catherine Nikas-Boulos.┬áThe images are arresting, Dancers captured in unguarded moments, bodies in full flight.┬áRead ...More →

Clock Off

City Weekly | clock off | 23 November, 2006

Photographer James Houston is about to launch an inspirational project based around dance called Move for AIDS. Read full article as PDF ...More →

Moving Right On Up

Wentworth Courier | News | 15 November, 2006

Dancers from leading dance companies in London, New York and Sydney wil join music artists like Jamiroqui to be photographed for an AIDS ...More →