Welcome to The Houston Effect

“My vision for The Houston Effect is to provide life changing inspiration and empowerment for individuals who are searching for purpose and fulfillment in their lives.  Effect change and effect results in your life and the lives of others.” – James Houston

Hi and welcome to The Houston Effect,

It took me a lot of work over many years to get to a place where I can honestly say I truly love my life. I’m filled with gratitude when I reflect on all the incredible adventures and experiences I’ve had, all over the world, on this amazing journey.

When people ask me how I got to this place I tell them it took two things: firstly, a connected vision of the result and emotion I wanted to achieve in my life; and secondly, action, or hard work.

Fundamental to this is a concept I refer to as HEADSPACE/HOMESPACE, which is all about mind and lifestyle integration.

I love sharing my HOMESPACE with friends and family, and I get a real kick out of watching people experience my home. It’s an effect that really moves people – an effect that my friends now joke about as ‘The Houston Effect’.

I’m so excited to share my inspirations, insights and work with you. Things that have helped me create an incredible life ‘style’ for myself filled with passion, purpose and joy.

Through my blog I want to help you create an inspiring experience, or ‘effect’, in your own home and life. As we all deserve to create our ultimate soul sanctuary where we can feel truly connected and motivated every single day.

Soon I will launch The Houston Effect web series. It will follow my journey as I effect change in my life and community through some exciting projects. Together we will meet some incredible people and see some cool home makeovers. I’m also working on a new photographic series ‘Natural Beauty’ which was actually inspired by this website and the connection I feel to nature in my design work. Keep an eye out!

The Houston Effect is a place of inspiration and motivation for people who really want to create, and live, the life of their dreams. As I feel incredibly grateful that I am living mine.


Introduction video shot and edited by Daniel Schloss

My Commitment

It has taken me many years to feel I am ready to share my thoughts and ideas with a larger audience. I have always been there to offer advice and support, and a reality check, to my friends, but, when it came to considering a larger outreach, I was nervous. Maybe I feared being judged because I wasn’t an “expert” or maybe it was the fear of failure that held me back.

In so many ways I have ‘winged’ my career and lifestyle. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of bloody hard work involved, because believe me there was! But I felt like I was lacking something because I didn’t study a course or get a degree.

I grew up in the Australian outback – the eldest son of a football crazed, publican father and a tennis obsessed mother. She worked hard looking after five kids and was also a respected nurse.  We lived above the pub and I somehow felt out of place. I always questioned why I was on this planet and what I was here to do.

At one stage, I was going to be a dentist. I thought it would make my parents happy and I always had a good set of teeth. It seemed to make sense. I even did work experience with a dentist. But the sound of that piercing drill and the sight of gurgled blood was something I couldn’t handle every day.

At 16 I went to boarding school, and as fate would have it, I ended up in the art room. Soon I discovered that, besides day dreaming a lot, I had artistic talent. Two years later I won the state art prize for my ceramic sculpture work. A few years after that, I found myself with a scholarship at an advertising agency.

Two years into it I was retrenched. So I decided to travel and do some modeling. While working in Japan, I picked up a camera and started taking pictures of my friends. I never spent time as a photographer’s assistant and just learnt the technical stuff along the way.  That was the start of my career as I know it.

As I achieved success in photography, slowly climbing the ladder in Sydney,  I started to connect with the idea that I was here to make a difference in some way. I was shooting for Australian Vogue and high profiled clients but it was time for me to leave Sydney, follow my gut and move to New York in 2000.

Over the last ten years enduring the biggest challenges of my life, I can honestly say that I am empowered by the success and lifestyle that I have, and I am now ready to motivate and inspire people with what I have learnt.

The time is also right. Especially now with all the doom and gloom in the media about the economy, the lack of work, healthcare and political drama etc. We need to connect to more positive energy and let that be the driving force in our lives.

Stay tuned and get ready to be inspired.