The word ‘Ānanda’ means ‘bliss’ in Pali, Sanskrit as well as other Indian languages. When designing the house the goal was to create an inspiring open living space that connected the interior with the natural environment. I really wanted a retreat that felt like an exclusive spa, somewhere to escape the intense energy of Manhattan and a place connect with nature.

“Through his photographer’s eye and his deep respect for the natural environment, James brings a spiritual dimension to the spaces he transforms – creating worlds within worlds of texture, color, and light.  The design dialogue we share creates unexpected spatial sequences that are unique to each moment inside and outside the house as well as the space in between.” - Jonathan Marvel -

“James’ design sensibility translates across multiple disciplines, from photography, interior design, to architecture.  His energy and passion towards design makes it a joy to collaborate with him.” -Shuji Suzumori

The Building of Ananda

The Building of Ananda video was shot and edited by Daniel Schloss.More →

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Ananda Photos

Photos: Richard PowersMore →

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