Try this for a week and feel it change your life

Meditation is a wonderful thing. It releases stress, relaxes your mind and allows you to really connect with your inner self.  Once you get into the habit of a daily meditation practice you notice that when you don’t do it things don’t flow as smoothly. You feel more of a discord in your day to day.

However, I do believe that many people find meditation in other activities, whether it’s exercise, playing music or even gardening, cooking or cleaning. Think about an activity that allows you to disconnect by connecting you to something you enjoy. Something you do that allows you to have some time alone with your HEADSPACE.

For me it’s when I power walk with my dog in the morning on the West Side Highway in NYC. I get to spend at least 30 minutes alone and lately I have chosen to exercise gratitude in my life during this time. I recommend trying this for a week. Watch how different you feel. Remember, this can be done while doing any activity that allows you to be alone in your HEADSPACE.

While you are doing your activity or exercise start a dialogue. This can be out loud or it can be in your head depending on where you are. Acknowledge all the things in your life you are grateful for in this moment. It’s also a chance to be grateful that you are ‘allowing’ all the incredible things into your reality. Finally it’s important to announce that you are worthy of all these things, remember it’s one thing to know what you want but another to allow them into your life because you feel worthy of them.

I will give you just a small example of how this dialogue may go for me:

“I’m so grateful it’s Fall in New York. I love this time of year and I love that I get to walk outside. I’m grateful that I have a dog and that she is healthy and fit. I’m grateful that I feel great in my body and that my stomach is healed; I feel amazing. I am so grateful that I have incredible friends in my life who support me and want to see me do well. I’m grateful for my family and that I was able to go home to Australia last month to see them and connect with my nieces and nephews. I’m grateful that I know by feeling this good about my life I am connecting to a higher vibration and allowing all the incredible things that I have dreamt about to flow into my reality. I know that I am worthy of success, love, abundance, joy, health and support and I’m so grateful that all these things are flowing easily into my life right now. I love feeling this great.”

Don’t worry about the dialogue and how it flows, just keep on going. It’s more about ‘feeling’ what the words mean. As you do your activity to keep a constant flow of gratitude and allowance, and make sure you try and connect to the ‘feeling’ of the words. Really ‘feel’ the gratitude and love you have for your life right now. So often we spend this alone time stressing and thinking about the drama in our lives which, in actual fact, only attracts more drama. Even if you are feeling awful just commit to doing it anyway and make an effort to connect to ‘feeling’ the gratitude dialogue. I guarantee that if you try this for a week you will feel different. Try adding music to the mix as well if it helps you to get more connected.

Remember, the higher your vibration or energy the closer you are to attracting all the great stuff that you have imagined for yourself.

Give it a try! It’s all about trying to include routines like this into your daily life so you have a chance to connect back to feeling great.

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