The last stage of manifesting what you want in your life is just allowing it.

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling stuck and frustrated. As I approached my  birthday this week, and what I believe is the start of an exciting new chapter in my life, I have been conscious of the fact that the only thing getting in my way is myself.

I’m sure you can relate to this frustration if you are also a person who, like myself, is proactive when it comes to making things happen in your life. What’s so wonderful about intention, and setting yourself on a certain path to a result, is that the universe comes into play right from the start. It is then up to you –  trust the process and connect to the feeling and vision of the result you are trying to create. Things will start to align. Soon you will be attracting opportunities that present themselves, at the right time, in order for you to move forward.

Trust is such a massive part of this wonderful process. If you align with the feeling, or vibration of a result, you want to achieve then you will attract that result faster than you can imagine. However, when good old fear raises its head you can start to downward spiral, imagining the worst outcomes in your mind. It was only last week that I was literally talking myself off the edge of a downward spiral; frustrated that I knew the answer, yet I still doubted the universal process.

The last stage of achieving a result in your life is often, simply, to get out of the way! Let it flow into your reality. How many times have you been pushing and pushing towards a particular result when finally you got so frustrated you walked away and just said ‘F**ck it’? Then, things actually shifted.  How many times does this need to happen before I/we truly learn and start to trust this simple process. Stop forcing it in to your life rather than just allowing it.

If you are frustrated by something in your life at the moment, it’s time to let it go for a while. Distract yourself with something you enjoy; change your mood and vibration. See what happens. In other words, get out of the way! Stop blocking the universal flow of your life. Remember, the better you feel day to day, the faster you will attract the great results you are trying to achieve in your life.

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