Happy as Hannah

It’s a dog’s life…why can’t it be ours?

I believe that certain people, and things, are brought into our awareness to remind us to let go, focus on the good stuff and ultimately be happy.

I would like to introduce you to my dog Hannah. She is a retriever-poodle mix with an old soul and the sweetest nature. If you have a dog I’m sure you will agree they have an uncanny ability to make you feel special. Every time they see you, whether it’s five weeks ago or five minutes, they wag their tail and show you endless and unconditional love. One of my good friends actually rescued a dog and called him Happy – as you would imagine, he lives up to his name.

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is Hannah’s face resting on the side of the bed. She waits for me to wake and, as soon as I do, gets her front legs up on the bed to give me a cuddle. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day; one that reminds me every morning to be grateful.

What can we learn from Hannah? Happiness is a choice. Just as resentment, forgiveness and anger are. We choose our emotions. Sometimes we all get stuck in our bullshit and it’s hard to shake off negative emotions. But, it’s only as hard as we make it. I remember when growing up my Dad had an explosive temper. As kids we were terrified a lot of the time. When he got mad we would scatter like mice trying to avoid a beating or verbal attack. It was almost impossible for him to shake off anger and it affected, and terrified, the whole family.

I meet a lot of people who literally shine bright upon meeting them. Their smile is genuine; the light in their eyes echoes an honest connection to true joy. When I ask a lot of these people why they seem so happy, so many have the same answer: because they choose to be. When you think about it, every emotion, every reaction we have to a situation and every comment that comes out of our mouth is a choice. Whatever we choose to say or do affects those around us.

It’s hard to think, “Im going to be happy all the time”. But, think about the basic philosophy of meditation i.e. thoughts come in to your mind but you don’t attach yourself to them. Rather, let them go. Move on. The same idea can be used throughout your day to literally shake off issues and problems. I have been using a mantra over this last year to help me deal with negative thoughts that surface throughout my day: ‘I am love. I am grateful’. Simple words but so powerful when I connect them to my purpose and who I am committed to being. It really helps to dissolve any negativity. Why don’t you try and think of a simple mantra or affirmation that you can use. It can also work when you are confronting something that scares you, or makes you feel insecure, and you want to feel empowered. What we tell ourselves really creates the outcomes or results we experience in our lives.


Take a look at this YouTube clip. It’s a must see! A dog is simply reunited with its owner but the joy and excitement is something we all wish to experience in our lives.

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