Be open to new possibilities by allowing change in your life

Over the last twelve months I have experienced, enjoyed and, sometimes, resisted change in my life. I was struggling to let go of some constants and securities in my life. As I was moving forward to embrace new ones I found myself resisting, and being frustrated by, these changes.

A mentor of mine brought my attention to a simple yet profound thought. One that helped me to grasp what was happening and helped me to allow an unfolding in my life.

“What about your destiny?” was the question posed to me. This simple thought made me take a step back. I had been looking too closely at the details of my life rather than stepping back and seeing the whole picture. It was like I was looking closely at the knots in a tree trunk rather than standing back to see the whole tree and its magnificence.

Destiny felt like something big and somewhat far away. Then, as I thought about the bigger picture of my life, I realized that a micro view can cause us to become more reactive than proactive. Focusing on, and often freaking out about, the daily details doesn’t reflect the grand scheme of life. Think for a moment about your past week and the stress and problems you faced. Realistically, do they now seem like old news?

“Doors must close in order for other doors to open” my mentor said. This concept really resonated with me. I had been struggling with letting go of certain constants in my life and that frustration had been blocking me from allowing future opportunities to flow. Is there an area of your life where you are resisting change and possibility? Are you holding on to what you have always known? I think one of the most amazing things about change is the fact that, over time, it can have a significant impact on your life.

Remember, it’s only fear of the unknown that causes us to resist. We grasp for what we have known rather than being open to an unknown (which could potentially be a life changing possibility). As I have spoken about in previous posts fear really is a state of mind. Consider what exciting new possibilities are waiting for you. Where could you be opening some new doors in your life right now?

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