Seeing the best the world has to offer will change the way it appears

What do you experience in your daily life? Do people drive you a little crazy? Does shit keep hitting the fan and then the hours seem to pass by painfully slow?

Every day we make a conscious choice as to how we are going to not only see the world, but interact with it. Have you noticed that when you are having a ‘bad day’, everything seems to go wrong and you just wish you could go back to bed and start again? It really comes back to your energy and what kind of an experience you are attracting.

When I am really conscious about setting my day off on a positive foot, I make the decision to look for the best in my day to day experience. All of a sudden it’s like I am on a different life channel. People are much easier to be with and the day flows a lot smoother. Take a moment to remind yourself that you are creating your reality. It is a truly valuable thing and the old saying ‘see the best in others’ also relates to experiences.

Take a moment to notice the people around you. Think about someone you know who is positive and observe the way they see the world. What is the experience they are having. Now look at someone who manages to find the endless drama in life. Watch them make mountains out of molehills. Without observation these characteristics go unnoticed. But the reality is that you have a choice! Only you decide what experience you want to have each day and the kind of interaction you are enjoying or not enjoying with the life around you.

Now, you may think this approach isn’t really facing reality; that sometimes shit happens and you feel the need to justify why you freaked out, or why you only saw the worse case scenario. It’s similar to the ‘being right’ situation that I have blogged about in a previous post. Sometimes reality isn’t worth buying into; find the positive and focus on that. This ‘no worries’ approach can deflate the negatives and often save the rest of your day or your week feeling so bad. You will start to attract more positive experiences into your life.

The idea of seeing the world through rose colored glasses is a little strange at first but, after a while, when your eyes and mind adjust, this can become the norm – your new reality; your new outlook.

Try it tomorrow! See the best in your day. You may be surprised how great you feel and that others notice the change.

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