Take a moment to print some great memories 

When was the last time you actually printed some photos? Now that digital photography is so easy and convenient it’s becoming less common to physically print photos and create photo albums. We are taking photos at such a fast pace and, with no limits on how many frames we can take, we tend to end up with large collections of photos that are often lost in the sheer quantity or deleted.

When my Mum passed away, almost four years ago now, I decided to create a family picture wall dedicated to her memory. The last memories I had of my Mum were of her in hospital looking so frail and sick while battling liver cancer. In life however she was incredibly athletic, healthy and a vibrant woman, and I wanted to have those images around me so I could celebrate her memory and her beautiful energy. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to create a photo wall. But it allows you to connect with fond memories and images of people you love in your life. This technique also adds so much interest to any wall.

I would suggest creating what’s called a ‘Paris hang’ – a technique where you hang all different sized and shaped frames in a group. As you can see in the photo above, I decided to use mostly black frames to give the series a more modern feel. I would recommend using painter’s tape to create a top line to guide you and which you work down from. Use a measuring tape to get the right height and use your own judgement to decide how much of the wall area you cover. This technique is actually very easy to master so don’t be scared to give it a go. You will be amazed how great it looks and so glad that you took the time to print out some great memories to have around you.

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