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Light painting in Paris with legendary makeup artist Karim Rahman

I always say, being in New York is like being in a movie, and being in Paris is like being in a painting. One of my favorite makeup artists is Karim Rahman. He is a true artist; a painter. Our collaboration in Paris for Natural Beauty was an inspirational experience. His contemporary and incredibly bold vision for the photoshoot resulted in some incredible shots, which really contrast against the more subtle, and gentle tone of the other shots I had taken so far. Take a look in Episode 7 – ‘The Making of Natural Beauty’ web series. Now live.


I often think that living in New York is like being in a film. But spending time in Paris is like being in a painting!

I feel fortunate that my main client is L’Oreal Paris. So far this year I have spent almost two months in Paris and have grown to really love my time there. Initially Paris felt so foreign to me. I don’t speak French and it was difficult to feel at home. Now, after being there so often, I can really appreciate and connect with the city. My favorite thing to do is to walk the streets taking in not only the beautiful architecture and people, but the incredible light that you get at various stages of the day, especially the late afternoon when the sun stretches down the narrow streets.

I take a lot of inspiration from Paris for both my photography work and also for lighting. I love the way the French paint with light in the evenings and the importance they place on scentsHotel Bourg Tibourg in the Marias is a quaint, small hotel which I love to stay at.

Here are a few photos I took on a recent trip.