I’ve just come back from a visit home to Sydney and was lucky enough to spend time with friends and family who I wished lived closer to me in New York.

One of those people is Gary Gorrow. I’ve known him for over 15 years now and I have watched him grow into such an inspirational force. I spent an afternoon catching up with Gary while I was home and what I love most about great friends like him is that it feels like time has never passed. Whether you see them every two days or two years, you pick up right where you left off.

Gary is living an inspired dream with his incredible family and I’m proud to call him a close friend. Read his profile below and be sure to check out his websites: and

Avalon Beach, Australia.

“My passion is to help people grow and evolve. I’ve discovered that part of my gift is teaching people to live from the level of their Being. That idea can seem rather abstract, but it essentially means living from that place above and beyond their minds. It’s founded on the timeless wisdom that there’s something more profound to life than our minds, that is of course our very consciousness. My personal purpose is to live from that level myself. When I do this life takes care of itself, everything unfolds as if in accord with a higher order.”

“Lots of different things actually. I’m organising a Conscious Club festival and events. I’m working on setting up Conscious Club in LA, London, Canada, San Francisco. In concert with this I’m also regularly training people in the art of Vedic Meditation; organising retreats around the country; and I’ve just started an intensive training for a group of my finest students who are on the path to become teachers.

“We’re all familiar with the expression ‘actions speak louder than words’, and there is a great truth to this statement. But I have also come to appreciate that consciousness rules the day; our words and our actions are shaped by our level of consciousness.

In my line of work I’ve found that I’m only really effective at effecting positive change when I am operating from a higher place. So first and foremost I do what I can to cultivate inner balance and connectedness with my inner being. When I operate from this level I feel myself becoming more transparent to the needs of the world around me. Great ideas dawn inside me. My ego is kept out of the way and I become an excellent servant for change. The key is for people to get the inner right because we are truly magnetic to what ever is happening within us.”

The Conscious Club was created for that exact reason. My buddy Tim Brown and I realised that society is changing and people have become increasingly tired of going to the same old pubs and clubs, yelling at each other for a number of hours, before coming home with nothing to show for it except a hoarse voice, empty wallets and a hangover! So we thought lets create a club where people can have a fun night out and get enlightened at the same time.

The Club is all about creating conscious community through the medium of what we refer to as ‘enlighter-tainment’. Each Conscious Club event intelligently weaves together a message with enlightening entertainment of all genres including uplifting live music, films that provide insight into the human condition, knowledge presentations from some of the world’s thought leaders, the rare opportunity to to be in the presence of hundreds of meditating minds, the sharing of a delicious vegetarian feast and a vibrant social exchange.

We now found ourselves with a rapidly growing community here in Australia and there are calls for it across the globe which we are working on to make a reality. I describe the Conscious Club as TED, MTV unplugged, a meditation ashram, hip bar (albeit a non-alcoholic one) all rolled into one. We’re like the Dalai Lama meets The Rolling Stones –  that’s the Conscious Club.”

“Well I’ve been meditating for so long now that I find my headspace is generally clear and balanced. I used to have big ambitions and big visions. But what I realise now more than ever is the importance of simply being present. How insulting it is to ignore creation for the idea that the future is supreme to the now. More and more that’s where my headspace is directed to these days – attuning with the sacredness of each waking moment. I find the creative pursuits and ideas come in and around that silence organically. I’ve taken a back seat to ambition and allow Nature to organise me rather than allow my ego to mobilise me. I find more and more that I am developing this quality of being able to sit in witnessing awareness, to observe myself, my actions, my mind and to live from my being. It’s a nice headspace to be in.”

“My wife is French and I’m a minimalist. Our home tends to reflect an integration of those two elements. There’s a lot of natural timber and white finishes. I love white and we’ve done all we could with our home to create an open plan living. The living room flows out to the beautiful sunny garden. We have a veggie patch and lots of fruit trees – although they’ve yet to mature. It’s five minutes to walk to the beach so that is the secret from me. I could live in a tent as long as I’m by the ocean. Surfing is my mecca. We also have two small kids so it’s almost impossible to keep the house tidy for longer than five minutes. Besides the wrecking ball factor they bring to the home, our kids create an air of love and play. I love that energy in our home. It’s so precious.”

“Many things! The natural world, when you look closely at the way and structure of things you see it is the work of such a supreme artist. Kindness and generosity inspires me. People who are passionate. People who believe in something. People who spend their energy developing a craft or a talent and become masters of it. People who devote their life energy to a purpose beyond themselves. When I get around people like that I find myself aflame with spirit. It makes me want to do more with my life. To become the best possible example of myself I can be.”




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