Both work hand in hand to attract, and live, the life of your dreams.

If your HOMESPACE has looked the same for the past 15 years, you may want to consider an interior change, update or maybe even a new space. Your HOMESPACE is like your HEADSPACE – it’s easy to just leave it the same and have an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach. People live in the same routine for years. They eat the same food, do the same job, live the same life and complain about the same stuff. Change (for the better) is a good thing. Take an honest look at both your HEADSPACE and your HOMESPACE to see how you can potentially improve them. As we get older, and do work on our HEADSPACE, we grow, develop and change. Inside and out, it’s healthy to have our surroundings, or HOMESPACE, change with us. They are one in the same.

By taking on some, or all, of the insights that I share in these posts, your life, and outcomes, will start to really shift. You will become more productive, more successful and you will shed the skin of your once limiting beliefs. You then create a powerful armour for yourself that literally protects your new possibilities and dreams. Nothing and nobody will make you ever doubt them again.

Once you see your HEADSPACE start to change the life around you, it’s time to take a look at your HOMESPACE. Consider if it is serving and inspiring you. Imagine for a second that your HOMESPACE is your HEADSPACE. Feel its energy. Ask yourself, ‘Is this HOMESPACE really serving my HEADSPACE?’

Imagine meeting a really cool, sexy person on a date. You go back to their HOMESPACE and see a cluttered, dark, cramped space with an unmade bed, a dirty kitchen, bad lighting and wet towels on the floor in the bathroom. This changes your whole impression of a person you initially thought was a great catch and had his or her life in order.

It’s not hard to clean up your HOMESPACE. Consider a few simple changes to let the space breathe and look cleaner. Also, stepping back, look at the larger picture. If your HOMESPACE doesn’t inspire you then it’s just like having negative friends. It’s time for a change!

Now, you can always give excuses – the rent’s cheap, you’ve been there for 15 years and so on. But, I can honestly tell you, a beautiful, bright, clean HOMESPACE that inspires you will allow you to be more productive and creative. It will help you attract that incredible lifestyle you are now dreaming about because you are starting to actually live the result. Some of us get stuck holding on to things because we are scared of change. Change is good! Shake it up folks and start to actually live your dreams.

If you dream of having a particular car, go testdrive one. It will help heighten the experience and ‘feeling’ for you. For over a year I had a picture of a house on a lake sitting above my desk. One day, I thought to myself, ‘If I am going to make this a reality then I need to take ACTION and at least start looking’. I did, that weekend, and in 40 minutes found the land that I would buy one week later and build an incredible house on.  That house is the one you can see on this site, Ananda. As I always say, FEEL the result and then take ACTION. Remember, when the result comes along, ALLOW it into your life. Whenever you ask for something it will appear. You just have to be open to seeing it, realize you deserve it and allow it to come into your life.

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